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Thursday 20th May

at 7.00pm (UK; GMT+1)

It takes a certain talent to repeatedly shoot portraits of people where they have a tree, a lamppost or some other unexpected item growing out of their head.

And we've all experienced that sinking feeling when someone offers to share their latest holiday pictures with us. That expectation that they've managed to drop the bar even lower than the last time they shared anything with us.

So, while taking terrible photographs may not be one of your superpowers, I can offer you some photographic 'kryptonite' so that you can point others in the right direction.

In this webinar, we'll deconstruct some of the most common problems that lead to terrible photographs and look at how their remedies.

Webinars are free and run from 45 minutes to one hour. There is usually one webinar per quarter..

Sessions are recorded and freely available for five days after the event. Creative Photography Academy members have access to all past PhotoTalks and Webinars.