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Our next event is with
Shane Rozario

Thursday 8th July
at 10.00am (UK; GMT+1)
7.00pm (UK; GMT+1)

Shane is an experienced commercial photographer and also runs “WeAreObservers” in Sydney. He is passionate about helping people to get the most from their photography; not only by understanding how to use their equipment, but also by learning to see what’s around.

He is based in Sydney and will be talking live at 7.00pm their time (hence the 10.00am UK time session). This session will be recorded and I will host it again in the evening.

You can find out more about Shane’s Photography HERE.

If you are in Sydney, I recommend you try a PhotoWalk or one of WeAreObservers other experiences.

This is the WeAreObservers website.

You can join the 10:00am (UK/7.00pm Sydney) event here: Morning PhotoTalk

You can join the 7.00pm (UK) event here: Evening PhotoTalk

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PhotoTalks are free and run from 45 minutes to one hour. They take place on the second Thursday of the month.

Sessions are recorded and freely available for five days after the event. Creative Photography Academy members have access to all past PhotoTalks and Webinars.