The Creative Photography Academy isn't just about training courses. We also run evens, some are free, some require a small fee to participate. All live events are currently online.

Free Event

PhotoTalk: Thursday 12th August 7:00pm (UK)
Sam Falconer

Sam Falconer has recently closed her professional portrait photography business to focus on other interests.

She will share a few tips on how to take effective portraits, especially for corporate use (typically head and shoulders).

She will also be sharing some of her work and talking about what inspires her.

Wedding Album
Paid Event

Mini-Workshop: An introduction to wedding photography
Thursday 19th August 7:00pm (UK)

Photographing a wedding can be quite a responsibility. This short workshop is designed to help you to plan your wedding shoot; whether you're taking all of the photographs or adding your photographs to those taken by a professional wedding photographer.

Free Event

Webinar: Composition from the ground up
Thursday 26th August 7:00pm (UK)

If you're familiar with the rule of thirds you've got a good start to composing your photographs. However, there are other things you can think about. What difference does changing your position make? Are you including points of interest in your photograph or points of exit? How will the overall composition work?

This 45-minute webinar will go through a few of the things to think about beyond the rule of thirds.

Paid Event

Mini-Workshop: An introduction to portrait photography
Thursday 16th September 7:00pm (UK)

Portrait photography can be extremely rewarding, but shooting good portraits isn't as easy as it looks.

This short workshop takes you through some of the basic do's and don't to get great results. It will look at how to relax your subject to get natural looking photographs and how to pose them.